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Our Mission

To provide a state of the art personalised security service to a diverse range of clients.

Company Structure

Our company prides itself on the wealth of experience in the Security Team, with well over 30 years operational experience in Management alone, this provides our clients with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

Although all teams have a hierarchy, we try to allow each member of the team to grow and develop his or her talents. This allows them to progress within the company and provides us, the company with additional strength, with both the staff and the clients having the "Backup" of the senior members of the team, Anytime 24 x 7 if necessary.


Although the company issues to each employee a copy of our own "Standing Orders" which is a guide as to what is expected from them, we also formulate a Site Specific "Standing Orders" which is your instructions to us following joint consultations as to what duties you expect the guard to perform during each shift.

As a part of these "Standing Orders" we will clearly state the position of each of the Recording buttons and the Duration and Frequency of each patrol round.

Company Licences/Insurances:

M/L: 409 854 802

Security Ordnance Services Pty Ltd holds all necessary Licences and Insurances required by Law to offer a security services to clients.

Current Copies of these documents will be forwarded on request or at the commencement of service with your company, we will provide you a copy of our OH&S Policy prior to commencement of any work for your company.

We are the holders of Master Licence: 409 854 802 in addition to Public Liability and Workers Compensation Policies.

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