Alarm Monitoring

Security Ordnance Services also provide electronic security surveillance. Our trained consultants and technicians are vastly experienced to design, install, service, maintain and monitor the most modern electronic security systems.

We provide back to base alarm monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a large number of premises in Sydney cosmopolitan. We use state of the art alarm monitoring stations in Australia. This alarm monitoring integrated network helps to the best possible level of response to each emergency. Therefore our customers, whether executives in large businesses, small business owners or individual families, vastly depend on us to monitor and protect their possessions in a secure facility that meets highest standards of service.

Alarm Monitoring How it works?

Basically, a break-in or intruder alarm is attached to your telephone service, or to a wireless setup, which then is used to communicate from the alarm control panel to the security monitoring centre.

In the centre urgently it is assessed the source and type of alarm is coming through and an appropriate response is initiated either by sending out the security patrol or by calling keyholders of the premises, or coordinating with the police for an appropriate response. The control centre is also able to monitor when the alarm is being armed and disarmed indicating the accesses to your premises.

SOS Response - The immediate action

n line with your instructions, typically phone calls are made and a password is requested. In the absence of adequate response it usually involves sending a patrol response vehicle.

Our national control room co-ordinates with security guards and emergency services and other essential organisations;
for example, police, fire department, first aid and utility companies.

Feeling Secure - Your first right

The assets you develop through the hard work of years are entitled to remain secure, also offering you the feel of security and peace so that you can focus on your growth and reach the dreams. We help you to have that feeling of security. We remain awake and alert and our electronic alarm systems protect your premises without tiring out.

Wireless Alarm Monitoring - A new edge

Wireless alarm monitoring is an exceedingly secure method of alarm communications against intruder. A wireless alarm monitoring interface (WAMI) device activates your alarm control panel and inline communicates via wireless radio data to our monitoring centre.

The main advantage of this system is that there are no telephone lines to be tampered with, which can be the compromise able link in a security alarm system.

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