We pride ourselves in being able to provide a complete security package, when it comes to your security needs. Above all, we work as our slogan says;

"Old Fashioned Service, Latest Technologies"

Static Security Officers

Security officers provided by SOS have many years experience in providing security to the Commercial, Industrial, Construction & Retail sectors.

  • All are fully trained and licensed by the NSW Police Service, under the Security (Protection) Industry Act 1997 and Regulations as amended.
  • All are first aid qualified as per current Security Licensing requirements. All wear our distinctive uniform with appropriate signage.
  • All security officers will be fully briefed by SOS Management as to your on site requirements prior to commencement on your site.
  • Logbooks will be provided by SOS for the recording of all relevant occurrences on the site.
  • Security signage will be also be provided and installed around your premises, visually discouraging unauthorised persons from entering site.
  • Supervision: To maintain a high level of service to guard sites, Supervisors will conduct regular but random visits to each site ensuring the Security Officers assigned to protect your assets are conducting all duties required to our mutually agreed discussions.

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Security Patrol Service

All SOS security patrol vehicles are clearly sign written for ready identification, are equipped with the latest in Satellite Tracking, all Alarm Response keys are kept in a "Tel Key" Box under alarm for added security. The patrolpersons that operate these vehicles are experienced in patrolling Commercial & Industrial sites and are aware of the special requirements that is needed to ensure the sites are secure after hours.

  • The cost for this service is very affordable, it can be on a Casual per inspection basis or 3 or more inspections per shift although the normal is 3 inspections per shift. Before advising you of our cost, our company will attend the site and perform a complete security inspection and then suggest what we feel is best suited. Only then will a quotation be provided.
  • Supervision: To maintain a high level of security for patrol sites, Our Patrolpersons use the Data Wand to record their presence at your site, at locations that has been agreed to, we install a 48bit button which the guard uses to record the visit. This when Downloaded allows us to provide if necessary, a report showing the exact times these visits were performed. In addition, Supervisor's conduct regular but random visits to each site ensuring the security is being done in accordance with what was requested.

SOS has marked security patrol vehicles on the road performing a patrol service to our clients projects. The patrolmen that man these vehicles are experienced in patrolling various sites and are aware of the special requirements that are required to ensure the site is secure after hours.

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Electronic Alarm & Access Control

We can provide alarm systems from basic Domestic Home Alarm Systems to fully integrated Commercial Alarm Systems incorporating Access Control, C.T.V. (CCTV) Systems, up to Electric Fencing which is approved to be used in Australia and is used in the Construction, Car & Truck Yards, Warehousing fields.

We only use "Known" brands of commercial alarm and access control systems that have proven to be reliable over a long period of time.


  • We have found that in smaller installations, depending on the number of Zones that is required, a Panel from the "NX" series is usually the best suited, they can rang from 4 - 16 Zones.

  • In larger applications, we prefer to use the "Tecom Challenger " alarm system which can be upgrade to a fully integrated Alarm / Access Control System with up to 256 Zones of alarm, 10,000 Users, it can Control Doors, Lifts, Lighting etc and can have an "On Site" computer for all logging, reporting and program changes.

Challenger Alram [Download - PDF]

  • To either of these alarm panels "Specialised" alarm detection is added, this can be in the form of Passive Infra Red or Dual-Tech Detectors, Magnetic Reed Switches to name just a few.

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Digital C.C.T.V. Systems

The onsite Digital Camera System that SOS supply and install were originally developed for retail applications where surveillance is significant for loss prevention, acting as an active deterrent to would be shoplifters. Digital camera systems are now commonly installed in many commercial premises, utilising the real time recordings of all events and possible intrusions of unauthorised persons, personal or intruders.

Strategically positioned camera units will detect all movement, activity and audio in its given area, reporting and recording to the multiplex unit, which may be allocated to a security room on the premises or positioned within the managers office.

Remote off site control is available, using a standard PC or Laptop computer at the office or home, giving the advantage to the management body, verifying cleaners, staff or activity in any area of the premises at any time.

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After Hours Management / Help Desk

We at SOS have found in the past many Commercial or Industrial sites have had a problem where emergency services i.e.: Police, Fire Brigade or Utilities personnel have had a problem with a site and were unable to contact any after hours representative to explain the problem encountered or provide them with access i.e.: power line down, hording down etc.

As part of the service we provide at SOS we will attend your site and liaise with management and record after hours contacts and telephone numbers in order of your preference. This information is then recorded in our 24 x 7 control room.

When a problem arises the Control Room operator will receive the call from the Emergency Services personnel or others via the Toll Free 1800 number then they will dispatch a patrolman to ascertain the situation, correct the problem if possible or call the key holders provided or just provide access to the site providing we have been provided key access to the problem area. The site management in this case will be contacted the next day and advised of the incident, this saves your staff from un-necessary intrusion After Hours.

If over night security is required whether by a patrol service or an on site security officer, we will contact the after hours contacts for authority if available.

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Security Consultants

Security Ordnance Services Pty Ltd (SOS) employs a number of Security Consultants whom concentrate on helping Management Administrators improve the overall performance of their organisations by bringing an integrated perspective to issues of strategy, organisational and operations relating to security and risk management.

Our security consultants are able to provide an objective analysis of an organisations security risks. We can identify existing and foreseeable security problem areas and recommend the most effective ways to minimize physical treats to personnel and property.

This consultation is provided free and with no obligation.

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